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What we do

Pyrrhic Productions is Jersey City's premier video production company, a part of Arts on the Hudson, Arts Nonprofit. Aside from providing quality commercial video content, we are dedicated to the cause of preserving Jersey City's art scene and creating content for budding artists to blossom. We are all artists ourselves, and are passionate about our art. Let's work together and make something great.

team members

Alex Gurevich - Creative Director / Papacito del Arte

Alex was born and raised in Jersey City. Alex's father Grigory Gurevich founded Arts on the Hudson, and local arts programming has been a part of Alex's life for as long as he can remember. Along with film making, Alex is also talented in drawing, musical composition and pantomime.

Chris Colonnese - Production Magician

From a young age Chris has loved writing, theater, filmmaking, and music, which established an appreciation for a hard working DIY approach to projects. Chris is from New Jersey, and loves New Jersey's underground punk scene.

Ian London - Director of Photography

Ian London first arrived in Jersey City from the deck of a historic sailing ship. Ian is psyched about promoting local artists though film, and helping the inclusive creative community in JC to grow. Outside of Pyrrhic Productions, he is wrapping up production on a short comedy gore horror film about inanimate objects.

Nate Spilman - Director of IT

Nate was born and raised in Jersey City and benefited from Arts on the Hudson programs growing up. He believes that arts non-nrofits are a cornerstone of a city’s culture, so he is thrilled to be a part of ongoing projects with Pyrrhic Productions and Arts on the Hudson. Nate works for a tech company and was in the band Wine and Dinosaurs, a Jersey City band with other Arts on the Hudson members. Nate looks forward to using web development and IT to create a platform for artist promotion, communication and collaboration.

Alex Goold - Visual Media Editor

Alex was born in New York City and raised on Jersey City's West Side. He has been involved in acting, music, and visual arts for the majority of his life. His background includes 3D animation and compositing and was also in the band Wine and Dinosaurs! More recently, he has worked as an after school music teacher. He is happy to get back into the art scene with Arts on the Hudson and use his experience with video post-production and CGI to create aesthetically exciting content that clients are excited to share.